Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Pilgrimage to Chartres

Every year at Pentecost; young, traditional and on the move. For more details, click here.;

Flashback 2003

Another unnecessary closure but at least some of the marble fittings found a good home.

And what of a Diocese that thinks the role of a priest is to serve as administrator of the parish. Priests are not bureaucrats.

More on the marriage of dogs

...and the vicar thinks its all a big joke. His Bishop may have corrected him but he can't control him. And if he can't control him, then any ecumenical partnership with the anglicans or any other protestant sect is dead.

Ecumenical partnership and the marriage of dogs

Next time your Parish Priest tells you that ecumenism is important, don't forget to tell him that the Anglicans are prepared to marry dogs. And all done for the best of all possible intentions. Needless to say for anglicans marriage is not a sacrament. But this brings mockery on the true and holy Sacrament of Marriage instituted by Our Lord at Cana.

And what has this to do with Church closures? The Catholic Church has been wasting its time on ecumenism instead of caring for the one True Fold of the Redeemer and the buildings where they worship and the Seven Sacraments of the Church are celebrated.

Heck gets heckled

....and just doesn't get why the faithful are so angry.

"But Heck had no answers as to why the parish was chosen to close. Her job, she said, is to help parishes move to the next step of reconfiguration, making sure programs such as religious education, hospital and prison ministries and night Masses are made available at the welcoming parish."

Her job is just to make everybody feel confortable while their whole Catholic heritage is taken from them.

She even says:

"There are other parishioners who are just as attached to their pastors, she said, but a certain number of parishes had to be closed, and that was decided before the sexual abuse scandal broke." Oh, yeah.

Catholic growth shifts across region

The Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Louisville said, "there are no current plans to close any parishes or schools although he acknowledged, I expect there will be more closings of both."

No churches will be opening then in the areas of population growth. The general idea of mission is to open new churches not to close the old ones.

Oldest Catholic high school in Texas saved

... but with no help from the Bishop; in fact, he wanted it closed.

Cathedral was going to be demolished in 1979

but was turned into a museum but it is occasionaly possible to get a sense of former glories.

Redemptorist Church

Now an arts centre.

What a sad end for a church of the great missionary order. But what do we expect with "mission" taking a back seat to "dialogue".