Friday, August 13, 2004

Can't get a better picture than this of the Mass

And it makes a great wallpaper as well

1995 flashback

Complacency in Scotland.

"This heritage has in an increasingly secular world an important pre-evangelistic potential."

And what are you doing about it?

Just how many people are allowed to drift through Catholic Churches without anyone explaining anything about the place and its relation to the Faith.

Latin Mass in Scotland

Can someone explain why the Latin Mass in Scotland is confined to a front room of someone's house? when the Catholic Church in Scotland is in such decline.

Plan for Catholic Cathedral in Santa Ana Is Criticized

But in the Diocese of Orange, a new Cathedral is being planned.

This from the Diocescan website:
Project: Help construct a new parish which will include a new cathedral church for the Diocese of Orange.

Why it is Needed: Holy Family Cathedral has served the diocese well for 25 years, but it is not large enough for diocesan liturgies and the property will not accommodate expansion of the church, hall and parking. For example, for the annual Rite of Election this year Bishop Brown presided over four celebrations because all the people preparing for the Easter Sacraments could not fit into Holy Family Cathedral Church. Another example is the recent Interreligious Prayer Service for Peace, in which over 1,700 people spilled out of the 800 seat church.

What the Campaign will Accomplish: The capital campaign will provide for construction of a new cathedral parish, one of the new parishes this campaign will help establish, in a densely populated area of south Santa Ana identified for several years as in need of a new parish. Ample land has recently been found in this area for a new parish centered around a cathedral church which will seat 2,500 people. A large hall which may also serve as a diocesan conference center and ample parking to accommodate large gatherings of the people of the diocese are also envisioned for this new parish. Notes: The land for the new cathedral parish has already been purchased and its cost is not part of this capital campaign. Holy Family Cathedral will continue to serve as a vital parish in our diocese, as it did for over 50 years before our diocese was formed.

So a whole new Cathedral is being built for crowded Rite of Election services at Easter and to have larger inter-religious services! What priorities when churches are being closed across the world.