Friday, August 06, 2004

Community saddened by closure of Catholic church

Update on Durrington post below

Church closings kindle anxiety over future uses

They should not go to the highest bidder

They should not go period.

Anger sends parishioners elsewhere

Thank you and good bye

Many designated "welcoming" churches simply haven't done enough outreach to bring in entire communities of displaced Catholics, Swain said.

Durrington, near Salisbury, UK

Local council attempt 2003 to rescue Church of Our Lady Queen of Heaven from the intentions of Clifton Catholic Diocese.

The planning application was withdrawn and this sadly is the latest news available

Anyone with more information on this case, feel free to e-mail me.

Flashback 2002- Manchester, New Hampshire, US

The new parish may be dedicated to the Transfiguration but it is a result of reconfiguration and not divine initiative.

St. Stanislaus Kostka in the Archdiocese of Chicago

Father Anthony Buś, tried unsuccessfully to raise the money needed for the renovation until he consecrated the parish to Our Lady at her request making her Mother and Queen of the parish.

The idea of the sanctuary is not the decision of a committee or council, nor the decision of a group of like-minded individuals. Heaven has planted the seed and is utilizing a wide variety of people to bring it to fruition. Our Lady has the plan and she guides us in her own mysterious and unpredictable way.

Here in the heart of Chicago, Heaven is reaching out to humanity in a gesture of mercy to enkindle within the soul a desire for God. Our Lady, the tabernacle that so long ago concealed the Holy of Holies, continues her apostolic mission to make Jesus known, loved and served and to gently and tenderly, gracefully and mercifully remind a wandering people that they, too, are known, loved and served by a living God.