Thursday, July 22, 2004

Church of the Magdalen, Brugge/Bruges, Belgium

All Churches are desecrated after they are closed in one way or another but here is an example of the Churches that are desecrated while remaining in nominal use. What has an installation of feathers to do with Christianity? One installation has a pot of balm; a notice proudly proclaims that you can annoint yourself. As one web site informs its readers, "it is an ambitious project for the new millenium; to re-arrange the church to disassociate the building from its strictly Christian vocation.

Long live Christ the King!

St Mary Magdalen whose Feast we celebrate today, pray for us!

She will not be honoured in her Church in Bruges.

St Mary's Church, Cricklade

Exemplary- take the tour!

See especially this photograph of the Mass

But what will become of all the other Churches stolen from the Catholics at the reformation?

Closure of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Heanor

Church closure now becomes "opportunity for reinvigoration"!:

De Hoop, symbol of the persecution of Catholics

Reactions a concert hall

Restoration of St. Mary's School

Saving the building is just the first step

Church closures in New Orleans

Holy Trinity

Sts Peter and Paul

St Cecelia

Group of Cincinnati clergy writes to USCCB President

The wrong solutions!

Ads Asking for Fair Appeal Process for Parishes Scheduled to be Closed

Plea to Parishioners Goes Online

Good concept and good arguments. Its just that none of these parishes has to close.

Why do only three out of ten Catholics go to Mass? This is the first problem to solve!