Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Scotland on Sunday - The Review - Beyond repair or a city's saving grace?

History of bad faith by the church leadership : "The wilful neglect of GK&C's St Peter's seminary at Cardross led Professor Frank Walker to write: 'This is a building of national significance, astonishing in its design and its degradation. Nothing prepares one for the shock of the new, grown prematurely old.'

St Bernards in Drumchapel and the Immaculate Conception church, Maryhill, are merely the most notable of GK&C churches demolished with unseemly haste in an effort to cut costs. The fact that the St Patrick's Day lightning strike on St Bernard?s deliberately took place just a few days before it was scheduled to be listed by Historic Scotland was a stark reminder of just how much the church's priorities had changed. Once these decisions are taken their effects cannot be reversed. "

See the link above for pictures of the seminary in the 1960s and now.   An almost unique example of a modern building that has been allowed to decay by the Church authorities.

It was built just before the Second Vatican Council with many altars for individual priests to celebrate Mass.   See other pictures also of the altars.  The desolation of the altars cannot but rend a Catholic heart.

Flashback to 1997

The beginning of wintertime for the Church

New Bl. Seelos parish rises from closure of others

Diocese closes five churches: and then the Parish Priest of the merged parish want to be a "facilitator of healing in the new parish".

He says
“Pray that under the patronage of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos we may be a community so on fire that others cannot but be burned by the love of God.”

Amazing statement when water has just been thrown on the remaining embers.

Please pray for all those living or dead associated with the old parishes of Annunciation, Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Cecilia, St. Gerard Majella and St. Vincent de Paul. Was the intercession of all these saints ever sought?

Ironic that a saint of the Redemptorists, a missionary order par excellence is now the patron saint of a parish made up of closed churches.