Friday, July 16, 2004

My house shall be called a house of prayer ..


...but you have turned it into a flower exhibition.
Belgian National Basilica to the Sacred Heart Summer 2003

Church Demolition Week

.... but the people destroying the Churches are the sworn enemies of the Catholic Church

The diocese wanted to demolish but..

historic Church saved by Latin Mass and the local town council

St John Neumann: The Little Redemptorist Bishop

Tantus labor, non sit cassus- so much work, let it not be lost

Diocese sends Faithful to Limbo

Closure of St Susanna's Church in Boston : "'St. Susanna's is the heartbeat of this community. Why would you stop a beating heart?' "

The sister church, St Susanna's Church in Rome is the national church of the USA in the Eternal City. The martyrdoms and the day of death of St Tibertius and St Susanna (11 August) are established by the witness of the oldest Martyrologies and the earliest places of worship. in Rome.

Ironic, then that St Susanna's should be near the top of the Boston list.

Local council trys to rescue Catholics from their diocese.

But Church says zoning change won't stop parish closing

Who owns the places where you worship?

Church lists $100 million in accounts:

"An unfolding legal battle over whether the archdiocese is the true owner of parish property, as priest sex-abuse claimants say, or whether the archdiocese merely holds the property in charitable trust for its 124 parishes. "