Thursday, July 15, 2004

Beware of the Evangelisation Planning Committee!

and its intentions to "realign parishes".

Now, where do Our Lord, St Paul, any of the Church fathers or the great saints of the Church talk about "realignment"?

Underneath the arches

I'll dream my dreams away

How could anyone live in a desecrated Church?

In faithful tribute

The soon-to-be-homeless veteran's memorial outside the soon-to-be-closed St George's Catholic Church, Boston

Oh, that the Church hierarchy had displayed even a small part of the fidelity of St George and the soldiers who lived and died for their country under his patronage.

Preservation Online: Today's News Archives: Wisconsin Church Should Be Saved, Residents Say

"The church says the building is crumbling when it is probably more sound and more solid than most buildings,' says masonry restoration expert ":

Another technique for closing a Church. Be less than truthful on the amount of repairs required.

Flashback to 1994

Altars in Escrow

My house shall be called a house of prayer

but you have turned it into luxurious flats

And Sold!

Not even one of the earliest Roman Catholic churches in Boston is safe.

The people will not be fobbed off with promises of prayer rooms

St Joseph's Belfast:

And surprise, surprise!

"This same Bishop, who told us how sad he was to close our chapel, had a deal on the table to sell it all along. "

To render a House of God desolate is an abomination Matthew 24:15

Home Page

The campaign to save Saint Ann's Armenian Catholic Cathedral, which is also the National Shrine to Saint Ann and the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle, both in New York.

And, yes, what a big surprise for all readers of this blog.


It's a wonderful life

Many will have seen the film 'Its a wonderful life'
about a man who contemplates suicide but then is taken on a guided tour by his guardian angel of what will happen to other people's lives if he jumps off the bridge. The dioceses are talking about all sorts of indicators, but the absence of just one Church is immeasurable in the scheme of salvation."

Monterey Diocese Watch

A short list of abuses that take place during Mass but the Bishops are too busy closing churches and protecting child molesters to do anything about this.

Endangered St. Anthony of Padua Church marks 120 years

Polish churches threatened with closure. What a great surprise two more national churches threatened with closure!

One wonders how the Archbishop can hide his shame as he presides over the Anniversary festivities.

Two dozen of the Toledo Catholic Diocese's 157 parishes to close

But which ones?

New methodology here: announce Church closures but keep them guessing as to which ones. This sets one parish against another on the time honoured principle of divide and rule.

The Church is a fairly desperate state when it resorts to the ways of the world.