Thursday, November 25, 2004

Kathleen Heck

back in the headlines. A registered Republican; an embarrassement to the Republic Party.

Marjorie Begin, another parishioner at the church, said she was impressed with Heck's accessibility and listening skills. "I think they put her on this team because they needed a soft touch, and the men are so uncommunicative," Begin said. "People talk to her because she's the only person from the archdiocese who returns phone calls. But once you talk to Kathleen Heck you're going down that road to closure."

and Mrs Tactful strikes again:
"She [the ever so tactful Heck]said this was not a church, it was just bricks and mortar," said Felicia DiFeo, 27. "I was born here. This is a church, and it's always going to be a church in my eyes." When Heck repeated something similar to parishioner Carolena Lyons, Lyons replied: "This is not just concrete, bricks, and mortar. This church was built on blood, sweat, and tears."

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