Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Victory in Vanderburgh

Court saves chapel of St Mary's Medical Center and the Center to "make all reasonable efforts to have the chapel restored to its former status as a Catholic chapel."

What will the Diocese of Evansville do now? What they should do and what they will do are two seperate things.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Silent church now serves as rural sentry

Do not forget this Church of St Wenceslaus on the Feast Day of her patron saint.

Taking Stock of our Ecclesiastical Heritage

....prior to a sale?

St James' Church, Kansas

When Sister calls you know your Parish is a target, especially if she is Director of Pastoral Planning.


"The bishop's letter emphasized the shortage of priests and explained that the goal of the diocese is for each priest to serve only two parishes and offer no more than three Masses each weekend"

There is a crisis yet the Bishop wants a "Mass famine".

St Joseph's Church, Albury, Australia

Church to close and "end 58 years of religious service on land bequeathed by a sister of Ned Kelly gang member Joe Byrne. "

Monday, September 27, 2004

First the Catholics handed out bananas (see earlier post the Linz Banana)

Reactions the Anglicans try chocolate.

This is what happens when you reject saints as examples of holiness; you are reduced to handing out chocolate.

Archdiocese of St. Louis

uses the usual techniques: co-opt a few laity and only let the plan be revealed slowly.

"Only the portion of the draft proposal that pertains to a particular parish or group of parishes is being presented at any one meeting."

Hopefully the whole laity show exactly what they think of these plans at the Town hall meetings.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Parishioners bid their church adieu

And an interesting question: Why do modern Catholics have such a hard time persuading their children to practice the Faith of their parents?

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Eucharistic Adoration in the Archdiocese of Boston.

How many of these Churches are being closed? What is the Archdiocese doing to maintain Perpetual Adoration?

"We are establishing Perpetual Adoration in our Churches. It is quite difficult to maintain regular hours on the account of the infirmities of our dear adorers, but if they are unable to go to the Chapel to take their half-hour of adoration at the appointed time, how edified I am to see them at that very time, praying on their sick bed." Fr Damien de Veuster

O'Malley working to resolve protests over parish closings

but resolve of protesters stiffening and reports indicate that sit-ins will spread to at least three more Churches. Maybe more?

Mediators urge more dialogue

How can you dialogue when statements are produced like this "For its part, the archdiocese suggested in a recent editorial in The Pilot, its official newspaper, that the protesters at the relatively wealthy parishes are putting their wants ahead of the poor populations served by the Catholic Church."

which try to make the laity feel guilty and hopefully completely fail. Throughout these closures the Archdiocese has betrayed not one jot of interest in the laity, whether rich or poor. What is there to dialogue about? The 82 Churches must be saved. Period. If they are not the Archdiocese will regard it as a green light to close a few more Churches every year. Soon the Archdiocese of the once-ultra Catholic Boston will be a shadow of its former self.

What consultancy fees are being paid to Kathleen Heck? Shouldn't she feel guilty for making money out of Church closures? The Archdiocese needs to publish a full statement of the costs of this botched process.

An interesting article

and an appeal

"We need your ideas, know-how and "know-who" to help restore the Cross and return the Altars to St. Thomas and demand that Cardinal Egan re-open a church for Catholic worship that has served Harlem since 1907."

Parishioners take fight to Rome

citing inconsistencies in the Archbishop of Boston's justification

Friday, September 24, 2004

Our Lady of Ransom

Today is her Feast.

May she pray for the conversion of England!

Soon set for bad choice

Is an anagram of Archdiocese of Boston!

The Mass -Old and New

Thoughtful article by Leo Darroch

"I think it is true to say, for many of us, that we do not fully appreciate our parents until after they have gone. When they are with us we take them for granted because they have always been there, reliable and seemingly with an air of surety and permanence. But when they have gone we are left with a huge hole in our lives that for the rest of our days is never adequately filled."

The same can be said for Church closures. But while humans are mortal, there is no reason why Churches and the Latin Mass should not continue. If you see the great victories won by Catholicism, nothing should be considered inevitable as the closers of Churches maintain.


Another very useful article by Duane Galles of the St Joseph's Foundation. See earlier posts.

Church closures

show no respect for the living or for the dead

Never forget in prayer all those who brought time, money and expertise to parishes, now all being wasted by this wretched closure programme.

Archbishop O'Malley 2003

I ask you, and plead with you: Repair my church'' citing the words of Our Lord to St Francis of Assisi.

Our Lord did not say to St Francis, "Close my Churches" but this is exactly what his Archdiocese is doing. The Archbishop must have a different translation!

The Iceman closeth

Catholic Churches

And the farewell comment from Father Coyne:

'Nobody from the archdiocese is going into a situation in a large meeting with a lot of emotion that will turn into a shouting match,' Coyne said.'

Is Kathleen Heck also considering her position?

If you don't listen people shout and if you still don't listen they shout louder.

Catholic Sale of the Century

The vultures circle....

My houses shall be called houses of prayer but the planners want to make them "open space, community centers and affordable housing".

My houses shall be called houses of prayer but the property developers want to make them luxury flats.

The Archdiocese just wants to sell and doesn't mind whether the Churches are used for social or economic purposes.

The article claims St. Francis Xavier Cabrini parish in Scituate has little historic value. But the real and everlasting value of this parish is in the redemption of souls. And how can a Church dedicated to a patron saint of immigrants and also to the first US citizen to be canonised be treated with such contempt.

Shame on the planners, shame on the developers, shame on the Archdiocese.


Father Coyne stepping down as Archbishop O'Malley's spokesman.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Leuven/ Louvain - Predikherenkerk -Dominican Church

My house shall be called a house of prayer ....but you have made it into an "exhibit space for the Cultural Center of Leuven".

Pastor of Immaculate Conception, Boston steps down

The whole process of picking one Church against another can only lead to public scandal. The only part of the process that is transparent

St Anselm's Church, Boston shows solidarity

which the Archdiocese should immitate but won't

Excellent day to start the vigil: Feast of the Holy Name of Mary- 12 September.

See posts around 12 September.

Archbishop visits St Francis Xavier, Boston

and collects 20,000 dollars

"The patient, kind and charitable approach stated by Rev. Christopher Coyne was nowhere in sight as the archbishop declined to process from the church and was instead escorted from the sanctuary to a waiting car ready to take him to the airport."

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Identity of mystery visitors to St Albert's

Reactions revealed - Opinion & Letters

"We are worth more to the Archdiocese dead than alive."

Other agendas

Don't let either Voice of the Faithful or the Diocese drive the agenda. The terrible twins.

The Catholic Sale of the Century

Two parking lots going cheaply

Landmarks Board Is Urged to Save a Church in Harlem

The New York Times > New York Region > We shall overcome!

Michael Henry Adams, the author of "Harlem, Lost and Found" (Monacelli Press, 2002) said it was an "awful moment" to contemplate the preservation of two churches "at the expense of the certain destruction of another." At the end of his remarks, he sang the anthem, "We Shall Overcome."

And a great contribution from Congressman Rangel who clearly believes in the laity more than the Archdiocese does.

Catholic Center at Tufts sold to University

Just one small piece from the Catholic Sale of the Century

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

St Joseph's Church Sailortown, Belfast

And scroll down;

See also the great solidarity with the campaigners in Liverpool and Manchester.

Diocesan Neglect

A flashback to 2001. The story of how St Matthew's Church, South Royalton came to be closed.

"Instead, the driving force that eventually led to St. Matthew’s closure was the obtuse nature of the Diocese of Burlington."

Now where have we heard this before? Boston, San Francisco in the US and Liverpool in the UK to name but a few.

Today is St Matthew's Day. St Matthew and all apostles and evangelists pray for us!

The visit of the mystery priest

....and the mystery nun.

Catholic school

Closed without warning; leaving parents no alternative but to send their children to a Lutheran school.

Where's the Bishop?

St Albert the Great, Weymouth, Boston

Surprise visit of priest and nun astonishes protestors

"But parishioners expressed anger and frustration at the surprise visit of a priest and a nun, which came as the evening prayer service concluded. ''They just came unannounced," said Mary Akoury, co-chairman of the church's pastoral council. ''You don't do that. It was flawed, just as the reconfiguration process was flawed.""

Another Diocese goes down

Diocese of Tuscon files for bankruptcy

Monday, September 20, 2004

Campaign to Save St Jeanne d'Arc Church

And what a surprise- its pass the buck time

"The Rev. Christopher Coyne, a spokesman for Bishop Sean O'Malley on the church closings, declined to comment on Jeanne d'Arc. He referred inquiries to another spokesman, Kathleen Heck. Heck could not be reached for comment."

And where does the buck stop in this botched closure programme?

Wisconsin priests urging Catholic church to ok optional celibacy

Optional celibacy=optional priesthood=optional Catholicism

If the Catholic Church follows the way paved by the Anglicans, we will end up in a big dead end which will take years to pull back from.

Not a solution.

The Banana of the Diocese of Linz

Begins to get famous

See earlier post. The author comments

"instead of God's Power and Wisdom, a banana"

This is the link to the recruitment campaign to get people to consider a vocation. The same campaign that distributes bananas. Many people wondered when it was launched last year, how does a parish priest find enough time to be a glider pilot.

St Alphonsus Ligouri took a vow one day in religious life never to waste any time, lest souls should be lost. How many souls can you save alone in a glider cockpit? The message that these people give is that Catholicism is about pleasing yourself, rather than pleasing God. Entry into an authentic religious life requires sacrifice of self and putting much of your past careers and interests behind you.

The St. Joseph Foundation

A very interesting article on Canon Law

"The renovation of parish churches and the suppression of parishes have caused widespread and needless anguish among the faithful in North America. In the great majority of cases, parishioners have witnessed drastic steps being taken without their opinions even being sought, much less considered. "

A landmark case

"Fight to save Harlem's St. Thomas Church needs some allies"

St Peter's Church, Malden, Boston

Mourning a church that was a home

"My grandparents were never rich, but everything they had, they gave to this church.'"

The Inn at the End of the World

Comments about Cathcon from this esteemed blog

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Only for the Stout-hearted

I mean this blog: Catholic Church Conservation. This blog's author chronicles the continuing destruction of the Catholic architectural heritage which the hapless bench has decreed in this country. But don't visit without a stiff drink. It's heart-rending stuff.

I've mentioned this blog before but it seemed it wasn't being updated. Oops. It is [Every day-Cathcon]. But one needs to scroll down to find the most recent posts. The oldest are at the top[I think the newest are at the top-Cathcon]. Do scroll down; it's a chronicle that should be preserved for our Catholic posterity, if any. Amazing priorities exhibited here. I would have kept the churches and sold off the bishops. [Sell the bureaucrats, the pseudo-clericalised laity elite and their offices first-Cathcon]

I am going to be storing off-line and printed form as much of the material as possible for precisely this reason.

Reconfiguration is a beginning

According to Kathleen Heck

Fear of church closings hampers fund raising

You can't fundraise and close Churches at the same time.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sacred Heart Church, St Francisco

Praying for a miracle

'[The Church] reached out to some of the poorest people in the community.'

What was that the Diocese was saying about the option for the poor?

St Francis pray for us!

Sacred Heart South Natick Boston

Heck is back- but fast becoming a liability for the Archdiocese.

"Kathleen Heck, special assistant to the moderator of the curia for reconfiguration, told the parishioners after the church closings were announced that each church was considered for about 10 minutes before the next was considered."

Botched is too kind a word.

To the Sacred Heart in reperation

Like a strong and raging fire
In a narrow furnace pent
Glows the Sacred Heart's desire
In the Holy Sacrament
Round that sacred furnace thronging
Shall these hearts refuse to burn?
Heart of love and tender longing
Shall we make Thee not return?

Bending low in adoration
While our souls are borne above
Hear our hymn of reparation
Heart of Jesus be our love!

T'was to cast a broad Love's fire,
That our God from heaven came
May those sparks our love inspire
May we burn with that blest flame!
All our sins our slights our coldness
All our insults we deplore
Pardon Lord our daring boldness
We will never wound Thee more!
We who kneel O'er us feel

Battle Brewing

Reactions - News - Over Closure Of San Francisco's Sacred Heart Church

The Archdiocese of San Francisco said the need for an Dollar 8 million seismic retrofit...

I am no expert but this seems to be an artificially inflated figure to me for just one Church. Anyone is welcome to e-mail to prove or deny this figure.

Church frescoes revealed after decades under brown paint

And how much art is being lost for ever after one Church after another is closed?

My house shall be called a house of prayer

but this monastery of the Religious of Perpetual Adoration has been turned into a luxury hotel.

You can even book yourself into your own monastery cell.


This was the glorious chapel before it became part of a hotel.

Various devotions

But see especially those to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Such is the furnace of love burning in the Sacred Heart of Jesus


with St Ignatius Loyola and St Aloysius Gonzaga

Archdiocese Halts Bid for Housing Aid at Church It May Raze

That's a cool 7 million dollars! So the Archdiocese of New York is willing to sacrifice Churches to become a housing developer. They should change the name to the Archdeveloper of New York and bid for government contracts.

A mission worth saving

The ride is only going to get harder for the Archdiocese of Boston.:

Boston Globe: a "botched closing"

"For a year now, the Rev. Robert J. Bowers has been begging O'Malley to visit the old brick church to experience, firsthand, the faith community being forged in the shadow of the Bunker Hill housing project."

The Archbishop should remember that he is not only patterned on Christ as prophet, priest and king, but shepherd also.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Diocese of Covington

Better news on seminarian numbers

But will they still be raised on the out-of-date sixties notions that have got the Church into the mess it is in today.

Restoration starts in the seminaries. Please no more years of renewal.

Diocese of Toledo- full details

"17 parishes would close under plan; panel suggests another 16 be merged into 6 new ones"

The consequences of closing a Church

St. Bridget's Church

When the shepherds communicate by registered mail and official spokespersons, it is not long before the flock is scattered outside the sheepfold.

Our Lady of Sorrows pray for the Church and pray for us!

Friday, September 17, 2004

And how many Bishops will complain?

About a direct attack on the Catholic Faith; they are probably too busy with pastoral reconfiguration and closing Churches. The following received on my e-mail.

The French and Saunders spoof on The Passion of the Christ has been confirmed. The information was seen in the current edition of"What's on TV" magazine, on page 23. A 6-part series of French and Saunders comedy shows are being shown over the Autumn, including spoofs on blockbuster movies. The Passion of the Christ is listed as one of those films being spoofed.

Please complain to the BBC. The following info is from the MediaWatch UK website:

In its Statement of Promises for 1999/2000 the BBC says: "If you have a query or comment about BBC programmes or services, BBC Information operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Ring: 08700 100 222


If you believe there has been a serious breach of BBC programme standards write to:

Head of Programme Complaints
Programme Complaints Unit
BBC Broadcasting House
London, W1A 1AA

The BBC's Producers Guidelines can be viewed on the BBC's website:

The Inn at the End of the World

An excellent blog that has been kind enough to provide a link to this blog See Tour of Blogdom.

The blog has fascinating Carmelite material, as well as links to Traditional Catholic religious orders.

The Catholic Diocese of Toledo

Their version of Embracing our Faith.

Full details of the closures are on the site. Strange, I thought Catholics embraced The Faith. Who does the our refer to?

Diocese of Toledo

recommends closing or merging 33 parish Churches in northwest Ohio.

More news on Votive Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Blackpool UK

An inheritance squandered

More news about the thanksgiving shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Blackpool. It is situated next to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital which in 1999 did not even have a Sunday Mass for the staff/patients. It would have been an ideal site for a hospital chaplaincy! Scheduled for demolition until being recently listed as an historic building, it is now designated to become an art gallery.

The Bishop was approached in 1999 and it was also suggested that this shrine would be ideal for a Traditional Catholic community, as it was not re-ordered at all following Vatican II. He politely refused and it has remained empty ever since.

Seems that Churches can be converted into anything but never, never under any circumstances must they be used for the Latin Mass.

Diocese of Toledo

Church closing announcement expected from Bishop Blair.

Archdiocese of Boston

Blessed Sacrament Church

"If you are a Catholic in the Parkway, how confident can you be that your parish, whether you attend it or not on a regular basis, will survive the next round of church closings? When other churches closed around us, we heard news interviews and articles about how put out some people were that they or their children would not be able to get married in their soon-to-be-closed church. I wonder how many of those folks were fairly casual in their support of the church, reasoning that the church would always be there for special occasions or when they needed it."

The Faithful stand guard

More on St Albert's Church, Boston

"'We have the commitment of the young and the old, mornings, evenings and weekends, because everybody believes so strongly this is an injustice,' "

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Church Closings

lead to loss of souls.

'I know that we are going to lose at lot of souls like this, some to Protestant churches, some to the comfort of their living room La-Z-boy chairs, and some even to Farrakhan's mosque, which is just a short distance from here.'

St Thomas the Apostle New York

I was kindly e-mailed with the following information.

The upcoming NYC Landmarks Committee hearing, which will include a discussion regarding landmarking certain Harlem churches, is scheduled for Tuesday, September 21st at 10:00 A.M. in the Municipal Building at 1 Centre Street, 9th Floor.

Rep. Charles Rangel has it on his schedule and although his office has not confirmed that he will be in attendance, Rangel will probably be there. City Council member Bill Perkins will there, Harlem Preservation Foundation members and members of the NY Landmarks Conservancy and other coneservationists, and of course St. Thomas Parishioners will all be there.

They intend to demand that Landmarks Commissioner Robert Tierney protect St.
Thomas the Apostle Church from being destroyed by the NY Archdiocese by
declaring it a NYC Landmark.

Determination to rebuild

...after devastating fire.

Mixed judgement

Judge denies bid to bar archdiocese from selling church "'It's funny that the media have been able to find their way down here, but the archbishop and bishop haven't.' "

But the legal fight continues.

Boston Church sit-ins inspire third parish

A rare admission of guilt on the part of the Archdiocese:

''This is not the fault of the parishioners; this is the fault of the archdiocese staff and the local clergy for not communicating well,"

So which individuals are going to take responsibility for this?

But it is not surprising that they can't get their story straight when there is

.... "evidence that the church is really interested in selling lucrative Sudbury real estate, not in consolidating parishes that are in decline."

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My house shall be called a house of prayer

....but you have turned it into a holiday home.

Fall River Diocese

Another Diocese starts on the lamentable path of closure. Where would the Church be today if the message of the early Church was "Downsize now!"

Changing heritage status of inner Sydney church

Archdiocese of Sydney changes its mind on architectural value of a Church.

My house shall be called a house of prayer

...but you have turned it into a Police Training College.

My house shall be a house of prayer

...but you have turned it into the Victory Arts Centre. See especially the historic photos.

This was the Chapel before and this is now the Chapel

Sisters of Notre Dame Convent, Dunbarton

Former convent go ahead for homes

More details of the Sisters and their Foundress

The Catholic New World: 10 parishes take hand in restructuring

Redemptorist Father Ramon Dompke, pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes (South Keeler), said he suggested officially closing all the parishes. And Father Dompke is a representative of a once great Missionary order the Redemptorists!

The Servites did the same thing to their Church in Brussels. They are now invisible with a modern Church in the middle of a housing complex.

The Director of Research and Planning

Jean Welter, the Kathleen Heck of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

And we heard so much for years about the importance of the Church from beneath, basic communities and the inner city.

Cardinal George approves plan to close struggling churches

Standard techniques being used

Committee of the laity reaches the decision. The only communication with the clergy is via post, otherwise all you here is from a Diocesan spokesperson.

Imagine what would have happened to the Church if St Paul had sent letters to the Churches dispersed all over the Mediteranean telling them to close because they had less than 100 members.

This link also has a video report.

Archdiocese of Chicago

Catholic Church closing five West Side parishes

"Parishes built for separate ethnic groups decades ago saw a steep decline in membership when African-Americans, many of whom are not Catholic, replaced whites on the West Side. "

So these Churches should become mission Churches. You are not going to evangelize anyone by closing Churches.

Mary Immaculate Boston

A more humane solution proposed.

Archbishop O'Malley

I believe these are the times when the "greater sacrifices" interview is being broadcast on BCTV.

The inconsistent Archbishop

who could not answer the question.

Protest spreads

to St Bernhard's Newton

Archbishop O'Malley

asks for 'greater sacrifices' in church closings. What more does the Archbishop want?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Parishes organise

And protect their assets.

Archdiocese Trying To End Church Sit-Ins

Two more possibly three more Churches likely to have sit-ins.

Heck off the radar screen.

Diocese eyes power of persuasion to end sit-ins

Diocese picked off the smaller and weaker Churches first and only start dialogue after sits-in.

''Where is Archbishop O'Malley, and why isn't he talking to the people here? It's a disgrace."

''Canon law states that the people have a legitimate right to make their needs known, so naturally people are going to do whatever it takes to do that, especially when they're met with an administration that refuses to listen. The archdiocese has totally misjudged how incensed people are."

But don't forget in the modern Church, there are two Canon laws; one for the Diocese and one for the laity.

Diocese of Stamford

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church finds faith to rebuild after devastating explosion.

Monday, September 13, 2004

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Of the Dolours of Mary

For the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows 15 September

Church can't afford new sex-abuse claims

Compare with Zenit press release below "Our intention is that the money used to pay the settlements should come from the insurance sources, not pastoral sources''

St Anthony's Church Diocese of Fargo

The end of an era : "She was one of many parish members unhappy, and a little uneasy -- not sure where now to attend Mass"

Diocese of Fargo

These links work, however: see earlier post. Pastoral Letter on "Bringing New Life to our Faith Communities".

Flocks follow paths of early leaders

How the Diocese of Fargo survived in the Great Depression.

Toledo Catholic Diocese to Close Churches

Video report from

The Shepherd

Same article page 2: "Coyne said it is not possible for O'Malley to visit all of the remaining 64 churches scheduled to close this year. "

St Anselm's Church joins in second vigil

Will any other Churches join the vigil? This Church even hosts the regional programme for the deaf.

But having half a million dollars in your bank account doesn't help.

Pope addresses Archbishop O'Malley

And says

To quote
"The Church in your country has been chastened by the events of the past two years, and much effort has rightly been expended on understanding and addressing the issues of sexual abuse which have cast a shadow on her life and ministry. As you continue to confront the significant spiritual and material challenges which your local Churches are experiencing in this regard, I ask you to encourage all the faithful, clergy, religious and lay to persevere in their public witness of faith and hope, so that Christ's light, which can never be dimmed (cf. Jn 1:5), will continue to shine forth in and through the Church?s entire life and ministry. "

Archdiocese of Boston

turns a celebration into a wake.

Diocese of Toledo

Twenty to thirty Churches to be closed. The usual techniques for implementing church closures. Keep them guessing! And here is where lay participation becomes a real bonus. The Diocese can always say that the laity recommended the closures. Not their decision at all. If this is the height and the summit of lay participation, you can keep it.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Just incredible.

Cardinal Mahoney on the liturgy.:

"We have not become aware of any serious abuses".

He either doesn't know or more likely doesn't want to know.

Let's not also forget this man spent 193 million on a new Cathedral; yes, that's right 193 million dollars.
Perhaps Cardinal Mahoney can come to a closing parish and explain this expenditure.

Perhaps Cardinal Mahoney should also explain why on the cover of a great book by Michael Davies, Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II, we see a picture of the opening of Cardinal Mahoney's Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

There is another Church dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels but in Liverpool, UK. Closed by Archbishop Kelly. See earlier posts.

Note September 4 each year is observed as the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, and recalls the founding of the City in 1781, originally called El Pueblo de nuestra Señora, Reina de los Angeles. The Feast of Our Lady of the Angels in kept otherwise throughout the Church on August 4

Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development

And this is just SURREAL! Diocesan officials can go to conferences to plan the way that they close Churches. And I bet each Diocese picks up the bill. You can even get a certificate.

They even have an Episcopal Moderator by the name of Bishop Howard Hubbard.

Serve Jesus Christ, not the bureaucratic system.

Synod of Montreal

Amalgamate, twin and gather and claim that is benefiting mission.

And shout aloud about consulting. Before the laity come to the conclusion that they are being ignored.

Bringing New Life

Bishop claims to be bringing new life to his Diocese by closing Churches. See earlier reports on the way the news was slowly leaked that they intended to close a bigger number of Churches than expected.

It would help if his ''Pastoral" letter was not a dead link!

Italian festival marks 93 years

Parish celebrates the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in traditional style.

Here is a Novena for the Feast.

Priest speaks out against Diocese

"This (sale of Our Lady Help of Christians) was not my idea," said Fleming, a 10-year Concord priest. "There would be no need to be here if the Archdiocese listened to me."

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us!

St Francis Church, Northampton

And St Francis was told by God to restore the Church.

The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

Every Diocese should have one. Imagine how much ill could have been avoided with such a movement of Catholic prayer.

Needless to say, the Diocese has given permission for a Latin Mass. Not many but it is a start on a long road to restoration of Catholic Faith and practice.

The Terrible Twins

Voice of the Faithful and the Diocese scrapping at the closure of St Albert's Church.

All seem to have forgotten that the mission of the Church is to save souls. This doesn't involve closing Churches.

The Cure d'Ars on the salvation of souls. If the Church had followed the same policy in his day, he wouldn't have had a parish to go to. His parish was so run down, that it would have been closed years before.

Letter to the press

The Catholic Church extends in time and space far beyond Boston in 2004.

Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against her.

But why damage people's faith by closing Churches? Why be economical with the truth? That is the way of the world, it should not be the Church's way.

Maybe the openess to the world commended by the Second Vatican Council has gone far too far!

And who was St Albert?

Nothing other than a genius He wrote on botany, mineralogy, astronomy, physics, chemistry, cosmography and also philosophy and theology, in 38 volumes. He is thus known as the Universal Doctor and the Patron of Scientists. He was a professor and defender of St. Thomas Aquinas. He came Bishop became Bishop of Ratisbon. Feast Day 15 November.

He was so devoted to Our Lady that a biographer called him "the secretary of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

St Albert, pray for us!

Boston Catholics Sue to Keep St Albert's Church Open

Radio coverage from NPR Morning Edition

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Feast 12 September

Holy Name of Mary

Votive Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Blackpool

Shrine established in thanksgiving for deliverance from war was allowed to decay by the Diocese. And now survives but with only one Mass per year.

Let us hope that a Shrine built to such high purpose will have more than one Mass a year.

Our Lady of Lourdes and St Bernadette pray for us!

Litany of Loreto

What a great devotion for the Feast of the Holy Name.

The first invocation is of the Holy Name of Mary. See also the first and all the other great illustrations at this website.

The Most Holy Name of Mary

This great feast is celebrated on 12 September.

Here is an excellent article which I post now in preparation for the Feast. Note, a link at the bottom of the page leads to the Second Part.

Veni, vidi, Deus vicit -I came, I saw, God conquered!

More on St Thomas the Apostle New York

from the Washington Post:

'The demolition of St. Thomas the Apostle Church would be a barbaric act, and no economic interest could excuse such wrongdoing,'

And always new information hereabout St Thomas the Apostle.

Another case where inflated restoration figures were bandied about to make the laity submit.

Archbishop O'Malley skips reception, overwhelmed by protest

Reactions / News / Local / Mass. / As church fights against closure, O'Malley steps away

"The Lithuanian community, scattered throughout Eastern Massachusetts, is irate that O'Malley plans to close the South Boston church, which they say is an important spiritual and cultural center for several generations of immigrants. Some of those parishioners are descendants of people who fled famine in Lithuania in the late 19th century, others fled Soviet persecution after World War I and World War II, and still others have come recently, seeking economic opportunity since the collapse of the Soviet Union."

''A lot of parishioners here have experienced the persecution of their faith and they make a lot of analogies," said the Rev. Stephen P. Zukas, pastor of St. Peter. "The Soviets made them transit to America, and now they're seeing their churches close again."

It is very telling.

Archbishop O'Malley is meant to be the Chief Shepherd in the Archdiocese of Boston but distances himself from the whole process by sending surrogates such as Heck or issuing statements via Fr Coyne. But when he came face to face with the reality of a parish closure, the Shepherd fled.

Former seminary

is now a new home for an Evangelical Free Church, which stands for everything the Catholic Church does not.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Order may disband

...and Diocese pockets a million.

Church is saved

but will now be used for receptions

Catholic parish was about to close.

"But in South Philadelphia 118-year-old parish has been saved from closure by two former students - twin brothers ":

Demolition of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Somerset County

The company’s actions could be considered anticipatory demolition—when an applicant destroys or harms a historic property to avoid Section 106 review.

"The architect for the future facility indicates that stones from the church’s foundation will be incorporated in a monument wall outside of the new building, as a tribute to former parishioners and the historic preservation community."

Thanks a lot, chum. I think they would prefer their Church to be still standing.

Rosaries, for the boys

The greatness of the Rosary.

My house shall be a house of prayer

but you have turned it into a radio antenna.

Catholic Church becomes protestant

And the Archdiocese of Boston pockets over a million dollars.

"Prayer will return Sunday to the former St. Nicholas Church on North Quincy Street, now the Lively Stones Christian Center. The 5-year-old congregation purchased the property from the Archdiocese of Boston for $1.1 million last week. "

Story from The Enterprise 27 August. No longer in the archive.

Boston again

The Diocese have been prepared to use the police before. Hopefully, a Franciscan Archbishop will make a difference, but I doubt it.

The Latin Mass - A Journal of Catholic Culture

The demolition of Churches is a symbol of a wider devastation in the spiritual life of the Church.

Lithuanian leader calls on Boston archbishop to keep church open

.. and the Diocese does not even respond to press inquiries.

Bishop of Evansville

Gave discreet advice on how to close a chapel and then said the decision was not his concern.

Friday, September 03, 2004

If you love- Si Diligis.

The Venerable Pope Pius XII on the Canonisation of Pope Saint Pius X

All Holy Popes, pray for us!

(And the Feast of All Holy Popes is celebrated on July 4)

Pope Saint Pius X

His life and several excellent quotes.

"Truly we are passing through disastrous times, when we may well make our own the lamentation of the Prophet: 'There is no truth, and there is no mercy, and there is no knowledge of God in the land' (Hosea 4:1). Yet in the midst of this tide of evil, the Virgin Most Merciful rises before our eyes like a rainbow, as the arbiter of peace between God and man."

Church of St Pius X to close

Obviously a faithful congregation "In fact, the Church meets none of the archdiocese's criteria for closing":but they have all that land. They even made a contribution to the Promise for Tomorrow fundraisers. This is the thanks that they get.

And who took the decision to close the Church on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception? Our Lady under this title is the Patron Saint of the United States and to whom the US armed forces were dedicated by Pope Pius XII in 1942. (So much for the theory that Pope Pius XII was a crypto-fascist!)

Today is the Feast of St Pius X.

Faithful Voice

How Voice of the Faithful has confused the faithful and also shows that the Diocese are pursuing other agendas as well.

To Build a Stronger Church

Start the process of closing Churches. with a few kind words.

Keeping the faith

Latest news from St Albert's Church. The sit in continues.

"The four weekend masses are invariably packed, with 1,500 people attending regularly." So why even think of closing this Church?

The Franciscans in Glasgow

St.Francis Church: "Little did I imagine that the church that captivated me for nearly thirty years would eventually close. "

The Franciscan Order have now moved to the former St.Luke's Church on Ballater Street and renamed it Blessed John Duns Scotus but it is, in the opinion of many, a fraction of its former self.

And they kept the relics of St Valentine in a box. What wonderful devotion to their inheritance!

Shrine of St Valentine, Whitefriar Street, Dublin

However, the Irish Carmelites treat St Valentine better.

My house shall be called a house of prayer

But St Francis, Glasgow has been converted into a community education centre. The Church was one of the three Churches in the world with relics of St Valentine but these have now been transferred to Blessed Duns Scotus Church.

Save Our Building From Destruction

The Church bureaucracy can generate report after report at great cost saying how important local communities are, and then destroy the oldest building at the heart of a village.