Saturday, July 17, 2004

Thank you to the Johnstown Convention & Visitors Bureau

for this description (scroll down): of St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church -- 801-803 Somerset Avenue, Windber

This church was founded by immigrants from Austro-Hungary and the current structure was built in 1927 by the Windber Lumber Company. Plans for this building were drawn by noted Johnstown architect Walter Myton after the congregation outgrew its brick-clad, wood frame structure built in 1901 as the first Byzantine Catholic Church in Somerset County. This Romanesque Revival Church's prominent features include domed central and paired side towers, as well as, a cladding of mottled tapestry brick.

Historic building! Byzantine Rite! National church!

Three reasons the Diocese would want to target this Church for closure. They say that the building detioriated; but who was responsible for the building?

A cancer research centre is to be built on the site.

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